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My crazy world! 😜
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Mi nombre es Sylvia Michelle, tengo 16 años soy de Puerto Rico
I love the MUSIC<3<3<3 & Love Sign…!!!
Me encata ver movies, leer, oir music, dibujar, textiar con mis amigas y hablar por cel.
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if u reblogged this then you should follow me cause I’m following back similar ;-)
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A galaxy 12 billion light-years away contains a massive vapor cloud that has enough water to fill every ocean on Earth over 140 trillion times. Source
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 An old tree stump with grass growing over it, Faroe Islands

are you stupid thats a unicorn

oh what I have to draw this

I love this unicorn
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you smart, you very smart. Matter of fact, you a genius
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How to get a boyfriend
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he meows so hard he falls over :o

my heart.

free them